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Sindh Rural Partners Organization | SRPO
Sindh, Pakistan's second largest province plays an important role in the national economic and development agenda. A recently released report of the World Bank “Securing Sindh’s Future: The Prospects and Challenges Ahead” (Report No. 35001-PK) has revealed startling facts about state of the governance and socio-economic well-being of Sindh, particularly in rural areas. The whole document is littered with hard evidences of depressing facts of development in the province, which has been an all time major contributor of the national economy. This is tragic that a province which has been contributing enormously in the economic health of country is suffering from negative growth in almost every development indicator. The World Bank report also recognizes the fact that both gender and geographical based disparities are a major area of concern. Considering the both dimensions, the following facts are quite reflective.

  • For every 100 boys being immunized in urban Sindh, only 70 girls get immunized in rural Sindh
  • 87% of babies are fully immunized in urban Sindh as against only 62% in rural Sindh
  • For every 100 boys enrolled in primary schools of urban Sindh, only 43 girls are enrolled in rural areas of Sindh.

This unfortunate situation is a result of bad policies and bad management of resources. To bridge the situation, NGOs can play a vital role as intermediaries. NGOs can be helping hand in building the bridges and established channels of communication and cooperation between communities, governments, development institutions and funding agencies.

Considering the situation above, like minded community development professionals and practitioners gathered around and established Sindh Rural Partners Organization (SRPO) to bring ignored and privileged communities together and provide a platform to raise collective voice of privileged communities at length

A Living from Livestock

SRPO has built the capacities of 300 youth trainees from 12 Union Councils of Mirpurkhas District as 06 months Livestock Assistant Training Program with the support of Community Development Program P&D Department GoS. The training was followed by mini-accelerated course developed by Sindh Agriculture University Tando Jam. The trainees are now curing the animals in their target areas and few from those have established the Veterinary Medicine Centers in local markets. Through this training program not only 300 youth have got livelihood opportunity but also the local livestock owners have access the veterinary services at their doorstep.

Promoting and Protecting Minority Rights in Southern Sindh

SRPO has worked with DAI-EDACE for promoting and protecting minority rights in southern Sindh for legislation of Sindh Hindu Marriage Act 2016 and promoted interfaith harmony and peace among the followers of different religions. SRPO has formed Interfaith Harmony Committees at UC level, established Minority Rights Cells (MRCs) at District level. SRPO has also arranged consultation meeting with non muslim communities, Hindu Panchayat leaders and Parliamentarians to set the recommendations on upcoming Hindu Marriage bill.

Because I am Girl

SRPO has worked with Small Grants Ambassador Program (SGAFP) of USAID in Mirpurkhas which was based on awareness and advocacy of Sindh Child Marriage Restraint Act 2013. SRPO has formed and trained Youth Activists Groups and Awareness Group at UC level which played the role of community watchdog to prevent early child marriages in targeted UCs. SRPO has also arranged Street Theatres at village level to aware communities about the disadvantages of early marriages at household and society level. The trained groups have supported to prevent 12 early child marriages in target UCs.

Ensure parental engagement to increase enrolment of children in education system at primary level through sensitized stakeholders, better school governance, enhanced reading levels and better, safer and gender sensitive schools in District TandoAllahyar

SRPO is currently working with USAID’s Pakistan Reading Project under Comprehensive Reading Project (CRP) for introducing the techniques of teaching through playing concepts. SRPO has trained 100 teachers to adopt this concept for getting better results from children. SRPO has also distributed children/ student kits to 6000 students of grade 01 & 02 of government primary schools of District Tando Allahyar. SRPO has sensitized SMCs of targeted 100 schools to play their role in betterment of education and enrollment of girls students.

Strengthening District Bar Associations and Setting up Facilitation Kiosks in Courts

The USAID funded project under Gender Equity Project GEP grant cycle-11 which was focused on gender equity. SRPO has established the facilitation Kiosk (desk) at court premises where the women litigants/ visitors can avail the free legal aid/ advices, SRPO formed the District Women Support Group with different overview the cases for free legal aid services under this grant. SRPO has trained 300 lawyers on gender sensitization and SRPO provided free legal aid to 10 vulnerable women litigants. SRPO has also organized regional level dialogue with stakeholders on pro-women laws, issues and challenges in implementation.

Polio Awareness Raising Project in High Risk UCs of Mirpurkhas

The Sindh Rural Partners Organization and Pakistan Polio Plus (Rotary International Pakistan) has started project titled “Polio Awareness Campaign in high risk UCs of District Mirpurkhas”. This project is based on 03 main components as: Social Mobilization with Community Leader, Capacity Building of Local Community Members and Pre-Post Monitoring in NIDs.

Youth Engagement for Peace Building

SRPO is running the project titled “Youth Engagement for Peace Building” with the support of DAI-Azm-e-Pakistan under Karachi Youth Initiative Program. In this project has engaged identified 120 male-female youth in peace building from UC Chanensar Goth Karachi. The youth received trainings on harmony, conflict resolution and peace building. After the successful completion of trainings, the trained activists replicated sessions at field level in their neighborhood. After each training, there are practical activities such as stakeholder meetings with community leadership, street theatres and a peace walk.

Adult, Adolescent Learning & Training Program (AALTP)

The Sindh Education Foundation has awarded two AALTP centers to SRPO at Village Mewo Meghwar UC Mirpur Old and Village Qadir Bux Laghari UC Dolatpur of Mirpurkhas. The basic concept to establish these centers to provide educational and technical support to adult and adolescent male female learners through non-formal basic education program. The curriculam has been designed for two years to provide primary level education and after completion primary education the training program will be started with same learners.

Stopping Force Marriages and Force Conversions of Hindu Girls at Mirpurkhas (AALTP)

The Baseline Study/ Research on Forced Marriages has disclosed the worsen situation of Minority Women at 12 Union Councils of Mirpurkhas. The Study revealed that more than 70 cases of forced marriages and forced conversions have been occurred and neither reported at any Govt Department and nor taken in media reports. SRPO has implemented the project to build the capacity of Hindu Youth (Male & Female) and Elders to exercise their rights as citizen of Pakistan and also to link that groups with national level minority networks to build pressure on state for protecting minority rights. The Complaint Cell for minority rights was also established at District Level. This project was supported by Norwegian Human Rights Fund (NHRF)

Community Health Center-CHC

The Community Health Center is focusing on MNCH services to the rural & vulnerable communities. It is located on 78 Mori Stop Umerkot Road Mirpurkhas. The CHC has provided more 35000 population of surrounding areas and adjacent districts likewise, Umerkot & Sanghar. The CHC is providing services such as Safe Delivery, Pre & Post Natal Care, Ultrasound, General Healthcare, EPI, Polio Vaccination and Ambulance Services.

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Contact Us

  • Email info@srpo.org.pk
  • Phone 0092-233-862447 (9:00 - 16:00)
  • Address C-15, Block-18, Near Little Star School, Satellite Town, District Mirpurkhas, Sindh, Pakistan
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