Sindh Rural Partners Organization (SRPO) is a non-profit & non-governmental organization. SRPO is an initiative of development professionals and community activists who jointly formed SRPO in 2001. It is a registered entity under Pakistan Registration Law named “Voluntary Organization’s Ordinance XLVI 1961”. It is multi-sectorial organization working on Environment, Climate Change, Education, Literacy, Women, Youth Empowerment, Research, Capacity Building, Health, Nutrition, Protection of Basic Human Rights, Disaster Risk Reduction, Emergency, Food Security, Sustainable Livelihood, Advocacy and Lobbying, with parallel focused on cross cutting themes including Gender Empowerment, Old age & Disable person, advancing technologies, Social Entrepreneurship, and revive indigenous practices.

Our Mission

Promoting, Expanding and Strengthen Social Organizational Base in Sindh Province to Alleviate Poverty, Develop Human Resource, Empower Women, Better Irrigation and Livestock Management, Educational Awareness, Ensuring Improved Healthcare Services, Gender Equity and Equality, and Promote Environment Friendly Agricultural Practices.

Our Values

• Respect • Integrity • Communicating • Excellence • Environment • Equality • Transparency • Answerable

Our Vision

Just, Gender Equitable, Agriculturally Rich, Healthy, Educated and Prosperous Society.


Zahida Parveen Detho

As CEO of SRPO, I’m immensely proud of our journey from challenging societal norms to empowering women and marginalized communities. Since our establishment in 2001, we’ve implemented 34 projects across 24 districts of Sindh Province, focusing on crucial areas like food security, education, and human rights. Our partnerships with national, international, and UN organizations have been instrumental in our success, allowing us to serve communities with respect and dignity. From forming village-based organizations to advocating for minority rights, SRPO remains committed to creating a more just and joyful society. I extend my heartfelt thanks to our Board of Directors, team members, and generous partners for their unwavering support. Together, we will continue providing top-notch services and fighting discrimination in Sindh’s backward areas.

Our Organogram


Our organization boasts a dynamic and dedicated team of individuals who are deeply passionate about our mission and committed to driving positive change in our community. Comprising diverse backgrounds, skill sets, and experiences, our team collaborates seamlessly to address complex challenges and implement innovative solutions.

Zubair Ahmed

HR Manager

Farooq Hayat

Programe Manager

Kamal Shah

Partnership Development

Abdul Aziz Abbasi

Finance Manager

Baboo Rassani

MEAL Manager

Prisoo Mal

Procurement Manager

Shehbaz Aslam

IT Manager

Harrison Hudson

WordPress Dev.

Lucy Evelyn

Ui/UX Designer

Successful Projects Completed